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What is the best 4’’ suspension lift kit for a 2018 Silverado?

I think that you might want to make sure it does not have an adverse effect on your vehicle warranty .
Next some diligent research is due and check the reviews of the places that are going to do this for you. It also sounds terribly expensive.

not sure you will get much help with your question here. Someone here may have experience with this, but I think you’d do better going to a Chevy Silverado forum, or even a lifted trucks forum (if there is such a thing.)

Good luck, though!

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I would check with your dealership first to see if it is possible to do so without voiding your warranty

Gm wouldn’t cover anything damaged by the lift, you’ll find dealers with new lifted Silverado’s around here.

Find a place that specializes in these lifts. A co worker had her Wrangler lifted by a regional chain store and when strange noises started from the suspension they gave her a pat on the head and said it was supposed to do that. Ended up trading in the Jeep for something else later on.

Here’s a pretty good forum.

You can do a 2" lift pretty cheap unless you have a Z71 or HD truck. Above that it gets very expensive as you have to add a frame extension on the front to relocate your control arms and front differential (if you have 4wd).

No idea which specific product is best, but here’s a couple of 4WD truck magazines that have advertisers w/this sort of product. Four Wheeler and Petersons 4 Wheel and Off Road are good ones to check out. That’s where I’d start. Those magazines frequently have articles on how to do a lift job too.

BTW, this idea of your may not be such a good one. You may void the warranty, may introduce steering, vibrations, and tire wear problems, and the truck won’t be as stable during turns, so there’s a chance of a roll-over. I’d advice against doing this, were you asking my opinion.

Doing a suspension lift RIGHT is costly. Parts alone are over $1,000.