Car surging at low speeds?

Getting a weird surge at low speeds when accelerating in my 2004 Ford Taurus. Feels like it almost loses power for a moment and then jerks forward hard. I have a slight vaccum leak that’s going to be taken care of in the next few days, but i’m not sure that’s the problem or not, the shop couldn’t tell me. As far as I know that’s why I get a super rough idle and startup. Had my fuel pump replaced last week after failing and my EGR valve replaced after a code came up for it. Was told my transmission is slipping inbetween 1st and 2nd gear, had half a bottle of transx poured in while they were at it. The surging stopped for a few days but has now returned. Does this sound like a vaccum leak?

Ot could be… but you are having that fixed so you will know the answer in in a few days. Why don’t you post what the result is after the vacuum leak is fixed.

If you still have the problem tell us a LOT more about you car other than it being a Taurus that surges.

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Lol that’s fair. Will update when looked at.

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