Car stops running

Car runs fine for 4 or 5 minutes then cuts out. Won’t start again till it cools off hours later. Same thing again and again.

Fuel pressure test good at 40 # steady when key in on position, when running and even when it cranks but won’t start. Spark good when running, even as engine dies and also when cranking. Thus fuel pump and ignition system appear to be ok. Must be something killing the fuel injection, I guess…some sensor or relay or something…just don’t know. It is a 1988 Buick Regal so I’m afraid it might cost more to repair than it is worth. Any ideas, suggestions or solutions would be appreciated. E-mail


The Autozone website has some info on your car. It shows a pink/blk wire coming from the fuse panel and running to the injectors. Make sure that power is getting to the injectors when the trouble happens. Also check for error codes in the ECU for any clues to this trouble.

Howdy from SE New Mexico.
I had a problem like this before. My vehicel was a 1985 Dodge Van. I’m not sure if you have a electronic control module that controls your spark plug coil, but mine created problems when the engine got hot, and it would open the circuit and would stop running. I found out that it was the problem when I poured a cold coke on it, and the engine started right up. I replaced it and it ran fine afterwards.
Of course be careful what you pour cold liquids onto. Randy

Your local auto parts store has “'noid fuel injection test lights”. You disconnect a fuel injector wire connector, insert the 'noid test light, crank the engine, and watch for the 'noid test light to flash. If no flash, the fuel injector isn’t being switched on by the engine computer. Check the fuel injector with a digital volt meter (multimeter), and the instructions in the 1988 Buick Regal repair manual (Haynes, Chilton’s, etc.).

Thank you! Sounds reasonable. Where would I find this coil control unit and what does it look like?

Thanks…sounds good…I’ll check it out

Thanks, sounds good…will check it out