Car stops accelerating while driving

I have a 95 chrysler lebaron that stops accelerating while driving. I have had the fuel pump replaced twice in the last year and now it is acting up again! It jumps and then gives up. I have not noticed any other signs that happen. help!

We need a description more specific than, “stops accelerating”, or, “gives up”.

Does the problem occur only while accelerating, or does it also happen when driving at a steady speed?

At what speeds does this happen?

When this happens, does the engine stall, or does it keep running?

If the engine keeps running, how fast are you able to drive when this problem occurs?

When this happens, is the engine idling, or does it continue to “rev” fast?

Is the Check Engine Light lit up?

I’m giving this a bump, in the hope that the OP returns to answer the necessary questions…