Car stopped while driving

My car stopped while driving in winter with low gas but not low enough for gas light to be on. it started again immerdiately but stopped again when i turned heater on. i put gas now it does not stop for the last 2 days. do u think my gas froze and it stopped before even reaching the low fuel light or may be something else is wrong with it?

Gasoline won’t freeze at normal winter temperatures (unless you would consider around -150 degrees F normal). If putting more fuel in the tank seemed to clear the trouble then the fuel in the tank was most likely at a lower level than indicated on the gauge. Check the capacity of the gas tank for your car and see how many gallons it takes to fuel up the next time the tank gets near the level you saw when the trouble happened. If it takes close to the capacity of the tank then the fuel level sender’s calibration may be off.