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Car steering wheel stuff and brakes stiff and no acceleration

So one day my car just stalled and wouldn’t accelerate but a quick restart got it working. Then later now I backed out then put it in drive and all my dash lights came on, steering wheel was stiff, brakes were stiff, and I couldn’t accelerate. I restarted the car and it just worked fine after that. Another day the same thing happened right in the middle of driving and I coasted it to someone’s driveway and I restarted and it just started working. Just wanna get some answers on what my problem might be here. I have a 1997 Chevrolet cavalier.

Did the engine stall-go dead? When the engine stops running the steering wheel will become difficult to turn the the brake pedal will be high and hard.

I think so I am not really sure but the first time it wouldn’t accelerate the check engine light was on. I would say it did because that’s exactly how the brake pedal felt

Yes, if the engine stall, the car won’t accelerate, the check engine and other dash lights will be on, the brakes and steering will be stiff. These are all normal when the engine stalls. The only thing you need to fix is the stalling engine.

My guess is a problematic idle air control valve.

Yes that’s the problem

Is that an easy fix or a more complicated one

Correcting an idle air control valve problem isn’t overly complex. If a new iac is required the part might be a little expensive. Often however they can be de-gunked as part of a throttle body cleaning and will resume normal operation.