Honda Civic '92 has demons inside!

Well, I am not a car guy, I can change my oil and that is about it. But my Honda Civic '92 has about 170,000 miles on it. I get it tuned up regularly and I have never had a problem with it. Then on Monday I went to start the car in the morning and it was struggling to start, I could hear a loud sound like a high pitched fan and then it would start turn over. If I pumped the gas, the car would begin to start. Finally after a few tries the car started. This has continued every day this week, each day getting worse and taking longer and more effort to start the car. I have also tried to roll start the car with no luck. I have also noticed the electrical seems to flicker when I try and start it. Essentially, when the car has been used recently it will start right up. When it has been sitting all night it struggles to start like I explained. I began to think maybe it was not getting a spark or something.

Then I went to go start the car this morning, totally prepared for it not to start since I hadn’t driven the car in nearly 16 hours. This time, it started right up no problems! But the windshield wipers were stuck on! The crazy thing, is they were in the off position and if flipped the switch nothing happened. I had to turn the car on and off 4 times to get the wipers to stop.

Any ideas what is so wrong with my car, or is just time to count my losses with this thing.