Car starts, but stops in a few seconds

Hi, I have a 2000 Hyundai Accent GL 4D sedan. It has over 150K miles. A few days ago, the car stopped working. I can start the engine. But it sounds abnormally and shakes. In a few seconds, the car will stop running automatically. What would the problem(s) be? Thanks!

I’m afraid this is going to have to go into the shop for a diagnosis but it sounds like either a fuel delivery issue or a fuel mixture issue. For fuel delivery, you could have a fuel pump going bad. You also could have a mass air flow sensor that is bad that will mess up the fuel mixture and make it act like a fuel problem. These are expensive parts though so need to make sure first. One thing you could do is tap on the MAF sensor with a screw driver handle to see if the symptoms momentarily change or not. You can also unplug the MAF to force it to pre-set settings as a test to see if that makes any difference.

I agree with Bing that it needs to go to a shop, however there are a number of sensors that all contribute to allowing the car to run well cold. The already mentioned mass airflow sensor, the manifold absolute pressure sensor, and…a biggie…the temp sensor are included. The only one really safe from suspicion is the oxygen sensor, 'cause that’s bypassed in a cold engine.

I too also thought of fuel delivery. A pressure check with 12VDC on the pump might yield results.