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Car starting problems

I’ve noticed over the past two weeks that my car has had difficulty starting. It will crank just fine, but not start right away. Sometimes it takes 4 to 6 cranking attempts. I’ve also had the car stall on me while traveling at low (idle) speeds.

This is a 2000 Ford Taurus with 122,000 miles.

Is the check engine light on? If so, if you have an Autozone in your area take the car there and ask a clerk to check your computer. My bet is you have a bad mass air flow sensor. Not a cheap part (about$120) but you can replace it in three minutes with a Swiss Army knife.

How old is the fuel filter?

Throttle body spray cleaner could help out, use this on the Idle Air Control valve too.

Any check engine light?

what is the service record? there are several things this could be, but the fuel air mixture is as likely a cause as any. It could also be fouled plugs, or a glitch in the electronic ignition. That is why you want to check the codes before you start throwing parts at it. Even a very dirty air fliter could cause this.

The fuel filter is 18 months old. Yes the check engine light is on. It has code P1237 which translates to Fuel pump secondary circuit failure. Does this mean anything to you?