My car turned on without the key... And now the horn has a mind of it's own

I have a 1995 Buick LeSabre… I got it in November 2013 and haven’t really had problems with it until now. Thursday when I got in the car to head home from work it turned itself on. Keys were still in my purse… I was not sure what to do, I put the key in the ignition and when turned forward nothing happened. Turning it backward did not shut it off either. It finally turned off when I put my foot on the break, with the key in the ignition turned forward, in the on position. I did not drive it again until today. It was fine this morning, but on my way home the horn started going off. It shut off for a second when I pushed on the horn, but kept coming back on. This went on for about 2 minutes then stopped. Anyone have any idea what I’m dealing with? Wiring issue maybe?

Sounds like the wiring inside the steering column has shorted out allowing all kinds of interesting things to happen…You are lucky the air-bag did not go off…It will take a skilled auto-electrician to correct this problem…Taking a 20 year old car back to a dealership is usually not the best choice…Because of the concentration of switches and controls inside the steering column, not to mention the ignition lock and switch, curing a problem like this can total the car…

Does this car have a remote starter, keyless entry, and/or an alarm? I’ve heard of these going bad and causing problems like that. If you don’t know or are not sure, a mechanic can look it over for you and tell you if any of these are installed.

Yeah, the possibility of having a remote starter installed would explain it…

My votes a whacked out remote starter. Cheapest route would to just disconnect it. You won’t miss it since you’ve never used it.

I agree about the remote start causing this.

Or you have a very smart car. Now if it can only learn to start up on those cold winter mornings and warm up before you’re ready to leave.

No, then it would be taking trips while you were asleep and one day you’d get a bill from the car wash that you’re car has been going to every night to hang out. Just like a teenager…sheaking out while you sleep.
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Thank you so much for the responses… Turns out I do have a remote starter. I kept reading different posts on here and the symptoms matched up. I finally paid attention to my key ring and blammo, it’s a Valet Remote Starter. So I am trying to keep my windows down on the hot days, which were the only times it’s acted up, and will see what happens. From what I’ve read sounds like the problems are coming from overheating. If that doesn’t work I’ll have it taken out.

Do you park in a garage? If so, I’d have this thing ripped out immediately before it starts by itself in the garage and kills you with carbon monoxide.

Nope, it’s always in the drive way or in a parking lot. I think it should be good as long as it doesn’t get too terribly hot out, and thankfully it’s been a mild summer thus far.

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