Car started shaking after having the front brakes cahnged


I took my car to a MIDAS repair shop in Cockeysville, MD to replace my front brake pads. After receiving my car, I noticed that my car would shake after pressing the brakes. but the shake was not that bad as i was driving in a local road. Then I went to the highway to go to NY. I was driving around 65 when I pressed by brakes, it felt like the car was shaking. I could feel the shake on my feet, in the steering wheels. The whole car felt like it is going to another lane. So, i drive bck home rather than going to NY. I am very upset with the repair shop. So, I was wondering if i could get some answers.

1. The car was fine before. What might those people done to my car or what might have caused the shaking.

2. Since they did a really bad job, what options do I have to get back to them for their poor work.

3. Can I sue them for negligence, seriously…aaarrrrrrrr…?


Sounds like warped brake rotors. How much did you pay for the brake job? Did they replace or machine the rotors?

I agree that the brake rotors are probably warped.
If there was no shaking prior to the brake service, then my best guess is that the wrench-turner at Midas over-torqued the lug nuts when the wheels were remounted.

Over-torqued lug nuts are a major cause of warped brake rotors.

If you have a torque wrench, see how tight the lug nuts are that hold on the wheels.

If you can prove they’re over-tightened, perhaps you can get Midas to pay for new rotors.

Go to a mechanic you trust and get in writing how tight those lug nuts are.

I had my front brakes changes and the rotors resurfaced in 06/15/09. Then I went back today to have my front brakes replaces as when i took the car for an oil change last time to a different mechanic, he told me that i need new front brakes. So, I took my car back to Midas since I have life time brake pad warranty. I am surprised that the brakes went out that fast. I might have rinve like 20K miles.

Due to the warranty, I had to cover for the labor so I paid like $100 for it.

I think they just replaced the brake pads for that amount. They did not resurface anything.

Thanks for the info. I do not know much about the cars.

I will take the car to a dealerhsip to have to look at the lug nuts and have them tell me in writing what they find.

What kind of leverage do I have to ask Midas to pay for the rotors? Can i threaten them to sue them for negligence if they do not agree? So Do i just ask them to change the front rotors and it will take care of it? Once the lug nuts are over-tightened, can you make it loose to fix it or the rotors needs to be replaced. I am worried even if they agreed, if they will do a good job? What can i do to verify it? I do not trust those people anymore.

I guess now you know what good that "warrantee" is.  

Back when I got my first car with rotors, you could go though several pads before you needed a new rotor.  Today to reduce weight, you are lucky to make it through one set of pads on a rotor.  That warrantee is likely more of a way to get you to come back thinking you are getting a great deal only paying for parts, when the labor is the real expense. 

I would be surprised if you could not find a shop that would have done the work for less than the cost not covered under the Midas warranty. 

I think you will find that most of us avoid chain operations like the quick oil change places and chain brake shops.

Go to the Midas head office in your area and complain. They will more than likely give you a full refund. That’s easier for them to do than fight in court.

A proper brake job means that the brake rotors should always be resurfaced or replaced as the case may be.
A pad only replacement is not a proper brake job and you have apparently found out that those “lifetime” warranties usually don’t mean much. That 100 bucks you paid pretty much covered the entire shooting match and that means not only the labor but the pads too.
Smoke and mirrors is the operative phrase.

It’s highly unlikely that you have any recourse here. The fine print is always a killer .

I should have added that simply replacing the pads only can cause a vehicle to develop a brake shudder which may not have been present before.