Brakes on a 2005 freestyle

when braking at higher speeds, my 2005 freestyle shakes like a wet dog. The car has been driven about 55,000, we’ve had brake work twice and all four tires replaced. all the work has been done at a local garage, since we’re too pissed at ford for selling us this car to give them another dime. is something known to be wrong with the freestyle’s braking system? is my local mechanic in over his head? is the car dangerous to drive or like a wet dog shaking merely annoying?

When was the last time–if ever–that the brake rotors were replaced?

Some garages, in a wrong-headed attempt to save money for their customers, will machine rotors when doing a brake job, rather than replacing them. This is not a cost-saving step in the long run because machining makes the rotors thinner and thus, more prone to warping. As a result, the customer winds up paying twice–first for machining the rotors when the brake pads were replaced and then subsequently for rotor replacement when the brakes begin to exhibit the symptoms that you are experiencing.

Also, you should be aware that if the wheel lug nuts have been tightened on the car by someone using an impact wrench, rather than a torque wrench, it is possible to warp a perfectly good set of newish brake rotors.

If the shaking is felt only in the brake pedal, then I would suspect the front rotors as being warped. If you tend to feel it in the seat of your pants, then the rear rotors are more suspect. If the entire vehicle is shaking, you may need to replace all 4 rotors.

hey thanks. looking forward to blowing a few minds at my garage

I agree with VDC in everything he’s said and would add a suggestion to try a new shop.

In addition to his thoughts, erratic brake friction can also be caused by a tech who doess not know enough to clean the new rotor surfaces when installing.

Whether it turns out to have been caused by one of the common causes delineated by VDC or by not cleaning the rotors, your current shop is not doing you any favors.

thanks, i think i will do that