Car stalling

My car stall in the cold weather especially whenever I let up on the gas like when I am going around a corner or come to a stop.

How about some more info? Year, miles, auto/manual, etc. What about maintenance, when was the last time the fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, and so on were changed?

It is a 1995 Eagle Summit AWD. 2.4 engine. Automatic with 110,000 miles on it. Fuel filter and spark plugs were replaces August 2010. Air filter is okay.

Air filter is okay.

How do you know the Air Filter is OK? You can’t tell by looking.

last oil change the people who did the work checked and said it was okay.

this problem started when the weather got cold. it’s worse when it is colder. sometimes the car will run fine while most of the time as i said, it stalls especially when i let my foot off the gas. I am thinking there is a sensor problem. that the computer is not being told the proper air/gas mix to run smoothly.