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2000 Hyundai Elantra stalling and starting problem

Hey guys first time on this site and I apologize to come in guns blazing but I got a nasty little problem I need to fix.

2000 Elantra wagon Auto 2.0l 95kmiles
Bought the car 6 months ago. Ran GREAT
More recently a misfire under suddenly accel from a stop started. Also a surge while accelerating and holding up RPM in neutral.

I replaced the Coil, wires, plugs, fuel filter and fuel pump. Side note the plastic connector to the coil broke so I bought a weather proof one off amazon and redid both sides and now it’s connected nice and secure.

A week of flawless driving and one day it stalled on the highway while my mother was driving. When I arrived the car restarted no issue but stalled again while i chatted with the officer who stopped to assist and would not restart. Towed it off the highway and left it overnight. Next day drove it home 15 minutes highway no problem. So not having many tools to assist in trouble shooting I decided parts were cheap enough to shot gun the issue. Ordered new crank shaft sensor, cam shaft sensor and knock sensor. Also cleaned MAF and replaced PCV Valve and poured fuel system cleaner in tank. It ran good but still stalled.

Sometimes it will stall and start up instantly. Other times it will stall and not restart for 30 minutes. Other times it’ll stall and run rough like only 1 cylinder is firing. The engine will shake like crazy, no response to throttle and it reminds me of a 2 stroke weed wacker engine the way it sounds.

Any tips or advice please share.

Fuel pump or plug wires my first guess. Big dew or rain related?

Both those items are brand new.

All items bought from rock auto

Weather don’t matter… it’s happened on nice days, rainy days and eh days