Car stalled after getting gas

I have a 2008 Nissan Altima. I filled up my gas tank and a few miles down the road my car stalled. The car was running but it would not move when I pressed the gas. I turned it off and let it sit for a few and then it started again bit it was shaking while driving. Any ideas what would cause this? Is it possible there could be air bubbles in the gas tank?

Engine trouble noticed immediately after re-fueling usually either evap system problem or bad gas. Unlikely to be caused by air bubbles in fuel tank.

For bad gas, if car still runs, put some new gas in when tank is 1/8 down from full, if that helps, just keep putting good gas in after using 1/8 of tank, should eventually dilute the bad gas until all the bad is gone. Make sure new gas is good gas of course; i.e. purchase from a name-brand station you’ve always had good luck with.

For the evap system, ask your shop to check the purge valve function. That valve should be closed during refueling, then open once engine started, warmed up, and car is moving. If it remains open during re-fueling, that can force gasoline into intake manifold and cause engine to stumble at first after re-fueling. If that’s the problem, symptoms should gradually improve until next re-fuelling.

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Check your fuel receipt, did you buy diesel fuel?

It wouldn’t run at all on diesel.

Water in the gas is possible. Stop at a car parts store and buy a bottle of gas line water remover. Follow the directions, don’t just dump it all in.

My weed trimmer ran on half diesel half gasoline. It would only run at full throttle or if mostly choked though.