Car stall when I brake

When I brake, my car engine is shaking and seems want to turn off.
I change the 4 new spark plugs and it doesn’t help much.
Please advice

I’d proceed in this order if I had that problem: Read diagnostic trouble codes. Set idle speed and timing to spec. Check for vacuum leaks. Bring all suggested engine maintenance up to date. Clean throttle body and any check/clean idle speed control devices.

The Tercel was sold by Toyota beginning in 1978 and up to the year 2000 . Knowing the year and mileage is critical to helping you in this case, because the car evolved tremendously over the years and problems common to carbureted cars are not common to modern cars… and cars sold prion to 1996 won’t have the diagnostic systems that new cars have.

Year? Mileage?

Clean your battery terminals/posts…

I’m leaning towards a leaking brake booster. I’ve seen it a couple of times with the same failure mode. They only leaked vacuum as the brake was applied, causing the engine to stumble or stall. Both times, you could hear the vacuum hiss as you pressed the brake pedal.