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Car sponsorships

I am trying to get sponsored by somebody, anybody. What is the easiest way to get a sponsorship for a car that is basically stock all around?

I’d probably start by not having 420 in your screen name. I talked to someone who had a sponsored car that drives around campus promoting energy drinks. He said that you have a full drug test and back ground check before they just give you a car. If you get a ticket for anything other than parking Poof the car is taken away. You have to clock so many hours and miles on the car each month as well. To me it sounded like a big pain in the @$$.

First off, I have a car. A Spyder Eclipse paid for. Second, 420 is my birthday. I’m trying to get parts and body kits and other parts paid for by promoting their name. I’m pretty sure you don’t have to pass a piss test to get sponsored and that wouldn’t be a problem either. But I do appriciate your help.

Well SORRY. Where I come from, and pretty much everywhere across North America, 420 is the number that signifies pot smoking. Most companies are pretty pick about this. Think about how great the advertising in with a car wrecked on the side of the road.

Why would anyone want to sponsor someone with basically a bone stock Eclispe? What do you plan to do should someone sponsor you? What are you credentials?

Your car is way too small. You need a canvas that will scream the product’s name and virtues. That means a van or SUV.

Second, 420 is my birthday

I suggest you change your birthday then…lol…Or at least STOP using it in your name. Birthday or NOT it’s a WRONG message.