Friends Cars


Is it illegal to repair your friends cars in your own garage?


Will you tell us the rest of the story?


[b]Well if it were, I’d be in deep do-do.

Each municipality has diffent zoning restrictions. Check with your city’s website to see if there’s any mention on this subject.



Only if you do it nude,between the hours of 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Your putting us on!Right?


Nope. However, back in the '70’s I rebuilt a co-worker’s carb for him, with him there, and even though the carb worked great he criticized me for not correcting the other problems the car had. I had never offered to give his car a going-over, only to help him with his carb problem. For free.

Ever since then I’ve simply acted as a guide and had the owner do the work. And I make the limitations clear.


In the city that I live in it is perfectly legal to work on someones car at your home as long as you are not getting paid. The minute you accept payment for the repairs it becomes a business and you can not operate a mechanic shop in a residential area.
The best way to find this information is to contact your city’s nuisance abatement office for clarification.


Although Tester hasn’t found the off button for his “bold” text yet, he makes an excellent point. State laws and even municipal codes may vary on this issue. For example, in NH you can sell up to 10 cars a year privately before you have to register as a business (and file quarterly etc. etc. etc.). Others states vary.


In some neighborhoods it is not “legal” to work on any car beyond cleaning and really minor stuff. I am betting that it is always a matter of covenants and not legal code.


I have heard of convenants that require you to park inside your garage and keep the door closed. However, what you do inside the garage with the door closed is your own business unless it becomes a public nuisance. Consider someone whose hobby is car racing or restoration. As long as it doesn’t result in a vehicle being left outside for extended periods of time, I can’t see that anyone would object.


She’s right. We got one where we live so he better check if is lives in an HOA / condo / apt community cuz he cant do any type of repairs beyond a flat tyre in this complex. Doesnt matter if the doors are up or not either!!!


forgot to add cant wash car either.