Car smell in garage

This morning I opened up the door into the garage and was hit with a strong gasoline smell. I have a 90 Honda Accord EX. I looked under the car and there’s no dripping. I drove the car 2 days ago and had no problems. Any ideas what this could be? Is it safe to start it up?

You could have a leak from anywhere in the fuel system. The safest thing to do (besides getting it towed to a mechanic) would be to roll the car out of the garage so the fumes can dissipate. See if there is a visible leak under the car or in the engine compartment.

You probably have an electric fuel pump. It may help if you turn the key to the ignition on position (do not crank the engine) and see if a leak starts when the pump runs.

Did you fill up the gas tank right before you put the car in the garage? It is possible that an overfull tank dumped some vapors while the car was stopped.

Thanks for the information. I’m having someone help me roll the car out.