Car slows itself

I have a 96 Jaguar XJ6 with 80K miles. Today as I drove child to school whenever I hit 30 MPH the accelerator pushed back and slowed to 15 MPH. This repeated many times when I got close to 30 MPH, which upset those behind me. Love the car and want to know if major or minor surgery is in the future.

A swag is that this is the cruise control acting up. Turn the cruise control off, and try it.

Make sure the carpet isn’t bunching up under the gas pedal.

Wait, so the accellerator is actually pushing back? Bizzare!

The cruise control can only give it more gas, not less, and besides you should be able to overcome the amount of pressure it exerts easilly. It could be some sort of linkage issue, but I have a hard time imagining what it could be. Does this car perhaps have some sort of traction control system?