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Car shuts off while driving

Over the past couple months my car (187k miles on it) shuts off while I’m driving it, about once a week, sometimes less. It only seems to happen while driving 30 mph or less and starts back up after 5-10 min. I’m trying to sell it now and don’t know how to explain what is going on with the car w/o putting someone off completely. I’m sure it’s fixable, I just don’t want to deal w/it anymore and need a larger vehicle.

This is essentially a moral dilemma. If you were keeping the car, surely you would take it to the shop for diagnosis and repair. But since you are planning to sell it, you are faced with the problem of giving a buyer an honest report or saying nothing.

Different folk have different ideas about buying & selling. So ask yourself, would you be at peace with yourself selling a defective product to an unsuspecting buyer?

My suggestion is to get it fixed FIRST.

would fix the car can sell it for more and might not be that expensive to fix what year and model is the car is could just be a cam position sensor ive had this problem before