Car shuts off while driving alternator is good

I have a 07 Chrysler Aspen with roughly 271 thousand miles I also have a 1500 watt amp and 2 12 in subwoofers here lately when I’ve been driving I’ve noticed the front head lights and the ones on the dash have been dimming with the bass but also even when I have the radio off (because the radio and subs are powered by toggle switch) they flicker sporadically and sometimes when I’m at red lights my car well even shut off most of the time I turn the radio off and it turns right back on but runs rough and the AC won’t blow cold anymore but sometimes it will take a jump in order to start my car I’ve taken both the battery and alternator to be tested both came back good everything I look at says that it should be the alternator but that’s obviously not the case somebody please help

Check your ground connection for the battery cable my thought or wag if you prefer

To diagnose the charging system problem the alternator must be tested while installed in the vehicle. If the problem is intermittent the alternator may work for a period of time during bench testing but it won’t be bench tested for an hour. A charging system problem can be caused by something outside of the alternator, these circuits must be tested in the vehicle.

If you can’t make the effort to communicate in actual sentences, I’m afraid I’m not going to waste my time figuring out what you’re saying. Good luck.


Lion9car why even waste mine and your time typing out the comment if you don’t like the way I described it simply move on to the next topic

Is that the stock alternator? If so, you’re probably getting right up to the point where you overwhelm its ability to keep up with the power drain. You probably want to upgrade it to a high-output alternator.

Lion9car is right to expect someone who needs advice to at least make clear and readable posts .

Also the OP Kevin gave him a like .

From my point of view, the lack of care in writing complete sentences is a warning that there is also a lack of attention to the details of the problem. Car problems can be very subtle, and small things matter. If I am asking for free advice from knowledgeable people, I will be as polite and thorough as possible. Or, to repeat myself…


Fix? Remove amp and subs


Clearly you’ve got an electrical problem, and with 271K miles and 15 years on the clock, it could be a lot of things.

I agree with having the alternator tested while in the vehicle. It wouldn’t surprise me if you needed a new, or even higher capacity alternator, even if the current one is testing OK.