replaced pulley on alternator and new battery. all lights flicker very fast, but only occasionally. hit small pot hole, lights dimmed and alternator light came on. chrysler service could not diagnosis unless problem is occuring.

Model year and miles on your Chrysler?

How long has it been doing this?

Sounds like you needed to replace the alternator, not just the pulley. A charging system test at a shop or parts store will tell you for sure.

If this alternator has been on the van for significant mileage, you might look at replacing the slip ring brushes. If these start making intermittant contact with the slip rings you will get a fluctuating and intermittant charge voltage. If you don’t feel like tearing into the alternator, just buy a new or rebuilt replacement.

Hope that is what it is.

'06 with 65k. it started feb of '09. alternator light came on and the belt began to lock up but only momentarily. replaced battery in march and no problems until last few weeks. dash lights flicker occasionally and headlights too. then last night hit small pot hole, belt whined for second and alternator light came on.

took it to advance auto and they said replace it several months ago but took it to another shop and he said if it was a problem with the alternator to bring some salt and pepper and he’d eat it. sounds like i need to go back to advance auto and send him some salt and pepper.