Car shut off while driving and wont start again

I was driving the other day and my car just shut off when turning a corner. I thought it might have been out of gas so I put gas in it and it started for a min but when I put it in drive it died and hasn’t started again since. I took the alternator out and had it checked an it was good and the fuel pump still made a weeeen sound whe turned over so I don’t think neither off them are it. I think it could be the crank shaft thing but I don’t know I’m not a machanic or I wouldn’t. Be asking lol thanks for any help!

By the way the car is a 97 Pontiac Grand Prix

If you were to bring the vehicle to me with that complaint, the first thing I’d suspect is the crankshaft position sensor. Only because the crank sensors are notorius to failure on GM vehicles causing the problem you describe.


That’s what i heard.