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Car shaking between the speed of 20 to 40 KM/H ONLY!

I’m having a strange issue with my Hyundai Sonata 2011; that whenever I accelerate my car it goes fine from 0 to 20 KM/H but from 20 to 40 KM/H (or to be more precisely 30 to 40 KM/H) my car significantly shakes and after that everything goes fine. What could possibly the cause of this problem?


Commonly, this would be failing inner CV joint(s).

Inner CV joint; means I’ve to change the complete axel or if just joint is available?

Usually, replace both axles.

If you have an automatic transmission, torque converter lock up problems can produce this symptom too.

is this related to your humming sound issue? you accelerate up to the shift point so the revs drop after the trans shifts and lets the motor rpm drop. you have to have the throttle at 3/4 or above to make the motor rev beyond 3500 IF you have an auto trans. sure you could go to redline at every shift if you had a manual trans. some folks rev to 4000-5000 than shift cuz they like it. if you accelerate as is you have an egg under your right foot the motor will not rev over 3500.

This issue has nothing to do with humming sound or high RPMs, my car shakes at the speed of 20 to 40 KM/H only, regardless of any RPM or shift number or road condition and yes I’ve auto trans. My car usually shifts at 2000 to 2500 RPMs and if I accelerate more it shifts at 3000 to 3500 RPMs or as according to how hard I accelerate, as I know it’s normal, but this shaking issue is regardless of any shift or RPM, car shakes at 20 to 40 KM/H no matter what condition is.
I will start by checking CV joints and will update here further.


Hey Tayyab did u find out what the problem was?
If you do please do let me know

Does the steering wheel start to vibrate also?