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Shaking while under power!

1989 Camry, 2.0L A/T- 97K mi.- This car has developed a violent shaking condition when traveling at highway speed. It only occurs after the car has been driven for at least 1/2 hour. It does not appear to be related to an individual wheel or axle, and happens only when the accelerator pedal is depressed and the car is in gear and moving at 50+ MPH. Steering is not affected, nor does turning the steering wheel increase or decrease the shaking. The shaking stops when the accelerator is released. The engine runs smoothly, with no misfire or vibration. Any ideas? -Thanks!

Have the motor mounts checked. A bad one or two will cause all kinds of issues like this.

If the motor mounts are all good then you probably have a bad inner CV joint - the trick is in figuring out which one.

But if this is accompanied by something like a loss of power (and maybe a check engine light) or other signs that the car isn’t running quite right then the fuel pressure should be checked under load (and a new fuel filter installed) and the car should be checked for exhaust restrictions.

Hey just saw your post. I to was having a similar problem with my 99 Camry. The steering wheel would start shaking/vibrating so bad my arms shook. It didn’t affect the driving and it would happen very intermittently. For me it would happen at speeds at 40 and also would start shaking till I had been driving for a little. I had numerous things checked and fixed that still didn’t make it stop shaking. I had new wheels put on and balanced, had it aligned, had a torque mount replaced, had my left inner and outer tire rod replaced. It wasn’t the CV joints had those checked, oh and had my rotors and brake pads replaced as well. Now this problem did (knock on wood) go away on its own but it was like a long time after I got all the repairs done which leads me to believe it was some mystery problem that took care of its self(I hope). Anyways this probably doesn’t help you much but I was curious to see a similar issue to what I was experiencing. Hope it works out for you.