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Car shakes

1990 Maxima. Last night the car started shaking after pulling up to stop sign, it kept shaking the whole way home. Acceleration was slow and difficult. Car started up fine this morning, started to shake again at first stop sign…then it was OK for rest of the day.

Tell us about the Check Engine Light, please.
Was it flashing/blinking when you experienced the drop in power?
Is it now steadily illuminated, or is it flashing/blinking?

How many miles are on the odometer?

Also, you need to give us the car’s maintenance history over the past 3 years–in detail.
Statements like, “it has been well-maintained”, will not help us to help you.

Check engine light never comes on. Car has 240,000 miles. I recently changed the O2 sensor because the car was hesitating badly, which seemed to fix the problem. I change oil every 3,000 miles. Timing belt hasnt been done since 70,000 miles. I have replaced spark plugs and wires, distributor and cap, new fuel filter, new mass airflow meter.
The car felt like one of the cylinders wasnt firing, but how could that be an intermittent problem? Thanks for the help.