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Fishing Expedition

Bought a New Nissan Maxima in 95. Never a lick of trouble. A week ago, I was driving and it seemed really sluggish. No pep. I almost had to push it up a hill. Then sometime later it stopped dead while driving! All the lights on the dash went on. I limped my way to my mechanic who worked his magic. Took the car apart found a hose that may have leaked onto an electrical system of some kind. I needed to replace the cellenoid and the knock sensor but was low on cash. I promised to bring it in again. Meanwhile, the car had pep while driving, I noticed the clock wasn’t working. Then I looked again and it was working fine. After a few hours of driving, the car lunged a little and kept going. Then it shut down again. All the lights were on again on the dash. I stopped and started it again. I drove home slowly. This morning I had it towed to my mechanic. He can’t find anything wrong. I don’t trust the car any longer. Meanwhile, I’m paying for the repair fishing expedition. Any thoughts?

You have a mechanic who has actually looked at the car and had it at the shop who can’t figure it out - based on your description, how would random folks on the internet get anywhere? In other words, you haven’t told us anything other than that the car is running poorly sometimes and sometimes stalls.

How many miles are on it?

What is the state of all of your basic tune up items? (plugs, wires, filters…)

What - exactly - has your mechanic done? Checked the fuel pressure? Checked for exhaust clogs? Run compression tests? What else? (“the cellenoid” btw would be “a solenoid” and the car has lots of them so that doesn’t say much).

So get a lot more descriptive or there isn’t much that can be said.