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Car shakes while accelerating from 25-35 mph

An oncoming car turned left into my front left wheel a few months ago. The body shop straightened the tire, replaced the strut, aligned the tires, and did regular body work; however, the car shakes while accelerating from 25-35 mph. It has shaken only twice while decelerating at the same speed range. It doesn’t shake every time, but tends to shake more after I have been driving for a long time at high speeds. I have taken it back to the body shop twice to have them look into it and they say there is nothing wrong and have balanced and realigned the tires twice.
Any ideas why it would be shaking and what to ask a different body shop to do?
Thank you in advance!!

More than likely, the left front axle needs to be replaced, due to a bad CV joint. Just be aware that the front end may need to be aligned again, after the axle replacement.
If you had the accident damage paid for by an insurance claim, you should be able to revise that claim in order to cover this damage, that almost surely is the result of the collision.



What is the model-year of this car?

Are you positive that the shake happened immediately following the collision and repair work, that it was there prior to the collision?

Generally, Body Shops are very good at body work and repairing/replacing obvious mechanical damage.

You don’t say whether or not all work on this car was done by a Body Shop. I would contact your insurance agent and explain the situation and urge them to allow you to take the car to a reputable Volkswagen Dealer Service/Repair Shop (not Body Shop) for diagnosis and repair (if warranted) of additional (hidden) mechanical damage.

In my opinion, one usually gets better results fixing difficult problems when they get help from technicians who have repeated experience with specific makes and models and better at finding not so obvious things.

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