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Car shakes violently at high speed?

Today I put my car on the race track and the car started to shake more violently when the speed was > 120 mph. However, the car performs well and has no problem in daily driving.

I was not racing, I went there with my friend to practice drifting. Is there something wrong with my car?

08 Accord V6

Nope nothing wrong with the car. Purposely abusing vehicles will cause things like this. My guess is the problem is the driver.


Yes, 9 year old car-17 year old driver trying to make it do something it was not designed for.


Yes, it was not designed to shake, ever. That is a clue that something is wrong. I’d start with wheel balance.

And so HOW are you drifting a front-wheel drive car? McDonald’s trays under the rear wheels? Parking brake? THAT is doing something Honda never intended!

Oh, and if you don’t find and fix the problem VERY, VERY bad things will happen when whatever is making that vibration destroys something at 120 mph.


I’m wondering if the rev limiter is the problem here.


Yes. It’s suffering from unrealistic expectations from behind the steering wheel and extreme abuse.


Yes, Honda designed the V6 Accord to do 120 with ease. You need an inspection of wheels, tires, bearings and suspension components. This car is supposed to be governor limited to 130 mph. After 9 years and an unknown amount of miles it might be expensive to get as new performance, and if you are going to drive it like this, you can expect to continue spending a lot of money. There is no long term cheap speed and there is a reason race cars are rebuilt frequently.


I would imagine that one drift would scrub a flat spot in the tires.


i hope OP went to track and friends had another car setup for drifting? and they than talked OP into drifting in his FWD with street tires? ya, come on man, nothing bad will happen. i can only picture some of the great youtube videos of stupid saudi drifters eventually wrecking their cars. always good for a laugh

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Sounds like a classic case of “loose nut behind the wheel”


Take it back to the track. Get your speed up to 40 mph, take your hands off the steering wheel, and hit the brakes. If it veers to the left or right before you stop, it is out of alignment.

BTW, you might keep your hands near the steering wheel if it does veer when you brake so that you don’t crash your Accord.


Try it again but this time in reverse. That should correct any problems.

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check all steering linkages also

Reminds me of a friend who started running ultra-marathons (50+ miles). His knee started bothering him, so he went to the doctor. The doctor asked when it bothered him. He said there was no problem for the first 25 - 30 miles, but then it bothered him. The doctor told him not to run so far. My advice here: Don’t drive your car so fast.