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Car seems to almost stall with AT transmission

After turning the key, the car cranks but the cranking sound and power (lights on dashboard) go down like it’s gonna stall in manual transmission. Then the engine starts like normal. It takes a few seconds longer than usual to start the car and it worries me.

This has been an issue of my car for a while. It only happens a few times per month or once a month. Everything is fully functional, battery is 1 year old. There’s no other symtomp that I can notice. What could be wrong here? I’m afraid I’ll be stranded one day

Is this the same car that you took to the track, drifting at 120 mph but wasn’t racing ?
The same car that was rear ended by an uninsured driver ?
The same car that has a hole in the engine block ?
The same car that has a damaged valve cover ?

Yes, but there’s no hole in the engine block in the end.

Then trade up to a more dependable vehicle. I am not going to call you a Troll but someone might wonder if you are with all these unusual threads.

Bad battery connection(s), bad battery, battery not being fully charged due to mainly very short trips, failing starter.

I’m not a troll, my car has lots of issues recently. I’m saving for another car