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CAr Seat Heating and cooling Acura RL 2009

I have a 2009 Acura RL i bought new. The first two years the Car Seat heating and cooling worked really well and was noticable. FEw months back I noticed that on a hot day i tried to put the cooling on and it was not cooling my seat. How ever when i put the heat the seat get heated. When I talked to the ACURA dealer he said there is no connection with the air conditioning and the heating system of the car with the car seat heater and cooling mechanisim and it is only a blower that is blowing the air from under the seat. SO my question is if that is :1) is the dealer pullung a fast one on me 2) if that is the case, why does the seat heater work regardless of the season ?

The seat heaters are just electric coils under your seat that heat up. Like a hair dryer without the blower. No way it has anything to do with the HVAC system or the seat coolers. They are separate system just heating or cooling the same body part.

So how does it cool when you turn it to cooling position ?

“So how does it cool when you turn it to cooling position ?”

By activating a blower underneath the seat, which allows air-conditioned air to enter the passages inside the seat. In other words, exactly what you were told at the dealership.
And as Bing stated, the seat heaters have nothing whatsoever to do with the seat coolers.

This problem could be as simple as an electrical connector underneath the seat that has become disconnected, or it could be something more complex.

Check the switch.

@VDCdriver - out of curiosity, so if that is the case, how does the seat cooling work during winter when i have the heat on instead of the airconditioner

This is a common complaint, when vehicle owners discover that they have “ventilated seats” and not cooled seats. High end cars have a peltier module in the seat cooler blower to cool the air. Most cars like this one only blow cabin air through the seat.

From the Acura web site for the 2012 RL;

With the Technology Package, the ventilated front seats can warm their surfaces or draw ambient-temperature air through the perforations in the leather, allowing you to reach your desired comfort level more quickly than ever before.

Thanks @Nevada_545 - This makes sense.