2016 Chevrolet Corvette AC blows hot at random

I’m 71 and have wanted a Corvette since 1953 having seen the first models in my Dad’s Sinclair gas station. late 2015 my wife and I made the move and bought a new 2016 coupe! Heavenly Bliss! Unfortunately the car has had issues with the air conditioner being radically inconsistent - blowing HOT air out of the blue. Same goes for the seat cooling - about 99%of the time it does NOT work. Two Chevy dealers have “worked” on it but have done nothing. Found both had been joyriding it… GM service rep duplicated it on first drive, but will do Nothing. Dealer same. What do I do?

Each summer I get a couple of dozen complaints about “seat coolers” that do not cool from customers that do not have seat coolers. Most cars have “ventilated” seats, only the high end cars have Peltier coolers in the seats.

This is what the owners manual states;

A ventilated seat has a fan that pulls or pushes air through the seat. The air is not cooled.

As for the HVAC concern, I have replaced many servo motors on other late model cars and the problem can be illusive, explain to your service provider when and how often the problem occurs. Omit the seat cooler complaint which can lead the technician to dismiss valid complaints.

@Nevada_545 has good suggestions.

Why did the dealer/service writer say they’d “do nothing”?? Is it because they say “they all do that”? So they found nothing wrong so they can’t fix what they can’t find? If this is a warranty issue, ask to talk to the dealership’s general manager and also the GM zone rep. This is a customer satisfaction issue.

I would also ask if you live in a hot southern state? And does the hot air from the AC happen while sitting in traffic?

I’ve had to add a pusher fan to my AC condensor on 2 of my cars because sitting in traffic in my home state of Florida, the AC would go from cold to warm in less than a single light cycle. There just wasn’t enough air being pulled through by the cars’ existing fans to get the job done. You might take it to a good independent AC shop and let them take a look at it.


I like your ideas . . . but by my estimation, op still has about 1/2 year of new car warranty remaining

wouldn’t want to make any modifications just yet

speaking of warranty . . . op DID complain about the ac several times while the car was within warranty. So there is a paper trail, and that will come in handy if somebody does find the cause of the intermittent ac 6 months after new car warranty has expired. Theoretically, the op will not have to pay for it, since it was an ongoing issue well before the warranty expired.