Car sat idle for 3 months

I broke my ankle and the care sat idle for three months. What do I need to do to the car now that I can drive. It is a 2002 Sebring convertable. Thank you.

Absolutely nothing except check the tire pressures, fill the gas tank right away, and maybe drive it 40 or 50 miles pretty soon to get it fully warmed up and dried out.

Yep, likely nothing. Depending on the car you might need a jump getting it started.

In addition to tips already given, check the date of your last oil change. If you are at 6 months since the last one get the oil changed even if the car hasn’t gone that many miles.

Otherwise get it started and take it for a 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive out on the open road. That will charge the battery. If the battery holds a charge and starts the car normally over the next few weeks you a probably just AOK.

Try to make some use out of this 2hr drive other than charging the battery, not very green.

If the cars starts on it’s own, the battery is fine. No need for a 2 hour drive.

I would also check the oil level before you start it up.