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Car runs but won't move in reverse or drive

Car runs but pulled into gas station and now car will shift into gear but won’t move and makes some kind of noise from front end

Check the CV joints.

Is the transmission fluid at the right level?

Yes the trans fluid is at correct level did have a dealership come out and look at it and was told part of the transmission had to be broken somewhere

Those dealership mechanics are real GENIUSES, aren’t they.

But if there is fluid in the transmission the next move would be to get the car on a lift to inspect the drive train. Anything from the flywheel to the wheel hubs could be the cause of your problem.

Wet true but at the moment I’m not able to even move my vehicle so it’s gotta be towed and taken to a shop near by but everyone I have talked to or spoken to have alll told me it’s possibly the torque converter.

Have them remove access cover for the flex plate to torque converter hardware, and then rotate the engine at the crank bolt by hand.

If the flex plate doesn’t rotate, the crankshaft broke.

If this is what happened, your GM vehicle will be the forth I’ve seen or heard of this happening to.


What year is your Envoy?
Does it have the I6 or V8 engine?