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2005 GMC Envoy - Is it bad?

my envoy will back up but when i put it into drive it will not move and make a noise

I’d say your transmission is dead, gone to the “great beyond”, ready to push up daiseys, so to speak. It needs a rebuilt transmission, most likely. Find a good independent auto shop to install one. Stay away from the chain stores.

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Concur, it sounds like a transmission problem. Take it to the best tranny shop in town and ask them to do an inspection, check for diagnostic codes etc. There’s a possibility it just a solenoid or something repairable, not requiring a replacement transmission. There’s a service bulletin for a failed forward-sprag ass’y for example. The symptom for that is no movement in D or 3, but works in 1,2 and R. A new spag-ass’y design part is available from GM.

Yes, it’s really bad!!! A replacement transmission, used or rebuilt is in order.