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Car Revs at Idle

So I have an '01 Kia Spectra that revs like crazy in idle and acts like it wants to take off when I start the car. Background info, I just replaced my water pump and it wasn’t doing it before that. Also, before all this, my belt on my alternator and water pump would sqeal whenever I tried to put my a/c on and this was even when I didn’t have a belt around my a/c and power steering. Long story. What gives?

Sounds like an intake air leak or a failing idle air control/throttle control (depending on what your car came with). Seems like a separate problem from the water pump but maybe related. Did the air intake tube get torn when the mechanic changed the water pump/ I’d start there.

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I really don’t want to take it back to them but I’m probably going to have to as I don’t want to come out of pocket anymore but another mechanic located out of town whom I trust said that he might have dislodged something, with me having a valve leak.