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I recently took my car in to an auto body repair shop that I’ve previously taken my car to because they had done such wonderful jobs in repairing the car. This time, everything came out beautiful as well. I was a very happy and a soon to be loyal (hopefully I won’t need to visit them too often) customer. Then I decided to wash my car a couple of days afterwards and found the paint on the side rear view mirror (the side the repair was performed) to be completely messed up. The paint on the mirror cover feels as if I was touching the reverse side of a wax paper that you’d use in your kitchens. It felt like sand-blasted, almost.

This would be the first time that a repair has done gone 100% satisfactory. So, I’m wondering if anybody can offer some pointers as to how to approach them for this side rear view mirror. As far as I know, the shop doesn’t actually repaint anything. The cars are sent out to a paint shop for that.

While I find it difficult to understand exactly how this paint feels to you, if you are not satisfied with the work, then you need to return to the shop that you paid. If this shop stands behind its work (including work that is sub-contracted out to other shops), they should be willing to make you a satisfied customer.

I would suggest that you approach them in a firm, forceful, yet calm manner. Those who act like nuts are usually treated like nuts. A repeat customer who is reasonable with his/her demands/requests should be accomodated–if the customer acts in a rational manner. All too often, people approach a company, state that the company has “lost them as a customer”, and are then surprised that the company in question does not comply with their requests. Once a customer makes a statement to the effect that he/she will never return, there is little motivation to help that customer.

If you approach the management in a rational manner and are able to demonstrate that the repair work was substandard, any good shop will be more than willing to re-do their work. If the shop in question is not willing to work with you, then I would suggest that you contact your county or state Office of Consumer Affairs. Don’t waste your time with the BBB, frequently referred to as the “Better FOR Business Bureau”.

Thanks. I’ll pay them a visit Monday.

Very simple: take the car back and show them what you’ve found. If they are a reputable business they will want to make you happy, and they will gladly have this problem corrected for you.

I have to wonder, why are you on such good terms with a body shop?

To err is human. Does it look OK? The body shop techs probably don’t make it a habit to feel up their paint jobs. I’m not saying you should just live with it. I’m just saying how a detail like that could be overlooked by anyone but a maestro.

Thanks for the advice, and I have no idea why I’m on such good terms with them…

It felt like sand-blasted, almost…Easy fix. The mirror simply has overspray on it. Take it to the shop and ask them to inspect the mirror since it feels rough. A good rub with a clay bar or some buffing will cure the problem.

Also, I don’t know if you took the vehicle to a body shop or a service shop that sublets body repairs out. Not that it matters but it was a bit confusing.

That was my first thought, just a little overspray. The mirror probably was never intended to be painted. This should be no big deal. I wouldn’t even hold this against the quality of their work.

I wouldn’t even hold this against the quality of their work…I am so glad you said that! Items like this are going to happen, no matter what!!! Just this Thur a customer was picking up thier S10 and noticed 3 very small pieces of dirt in the paint (for those of you not in the know, even the cleanest shops get dirt in the paint, sometimes flys & gnats) and did not take the truck with him. Today it was buffed out and the customer called back raving what a great job our techs did.

Thanks guys.

I actually managed to take the car back yesterday before they closed, and yes it was just a bit of overspray dust/paint like things. A good rub with some compound took most of it right off. So, I think another couple of washes and some clay bar later, it’ll be all good. Oh, the guys at the shop were nice about it, even showed me the compound they’d use.

[b]Thanks For The Feedback.[/b] (Unfortunately, we don’t always get it.)

It helps tell us know how we’re doing.
That was good to hear about the visit. I’m glad it worked out for you and your relationship with the shop.