Car repair



I have a 1999 Toyota Camry. On a recent trip to Chicago and return from Tampa I that it felt like my tires were slipping and then grabing like there was ice on the road. But there was no ice and it mostly happened when I accelerated. I’m thinking that it is my transmission that is slipping, but I no nothing about cars except to drive them. Could you tell me what you think is wrong and how much it should cost to repair it.




It certainly sounds like a transmission slip. First thing is to check the fluid in your transmission. Follow directions in the owner’s manual on how to do this. If it is low you can add fluid, but be sure it is the correct fluid since there are several types availble. If the fluid is not low, or the slipping continues after adding fluid, you’ll need to take the car to someone for an evaluation.

The best option is an independent (not Sears, not AAMCO) transmission specialty repair shop. What kind of maintenance has the transmission had over the years? If the answer is none, then be prepared for a big repair bill. Hopefully it is just low on fluid.