1999 Ford Taurus Wagon

my transmission is slipping from 1 to 2 and then again from 2 to 3. i took it to a transmission repair company and told them my problem and without inspection or diagnosis, they said the clutch plates are worn and slipping and that i would need to rebuild the transmission. The price is about $1,600 to 1,800. i have 190K miles on the vehicle with original transmission and engine. the engine runs pretty well, burns maybe a 1/4 to 1/2 qt oil between oil changes. so i am thinking about having the transmission rebuilt, but was hoping that maybe it was a computer switch problem or something. the service light has come on and the code is excessive EGR flow. Not sure what to do?

Slipping, if that is what is happening, is a mechanical thing and it does mean worn out clutch plates. There is nothing odd about this at 190K. What has the service history of this transmission been?

Of course, people do tend to describe all sorts of things as “slipping” so why not describe exactly what happens? It is also the case that many national, corporate chain transmission shops (e.g. AAMCO) will want to rebuild anything that comes in the door regardless of the problem. What kind of shop did you visit?

At 190K on the clock I would seriously consider a low mileage transmission from an automotive recycle yard. You will save a lot of money.

AAMCO. The service has not been great- i think only one fluid change at around 90K. But i am easy on driving it.

The slipping begins when you start to accelerate from a stop. As you start to give it some gas, within a second, it will slip (where there is a jolt and the engine revs but there is no acceleration for about a 1/2 sec and then it goes for a 1/2 second and then another jolt and no acceleration. then it is fine after it gets into 3rd and 4 th gears).

If i need to replace, what should i do and how much should i pay parts and labor. what kind of warranty should i get. AAMCO provides 12 months/12K miles. supposedly i can get an extended warranty for $500 and it covers transmission and engine for 100K miles. This seems like a good deal for the age of my car.

Have you checked the fluid level and condition since this started happening?

Fluid level is good, not sure about the condition. how do i do that?