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2003 Camry Transmission slipping

My 2003 Camry LE (4 cyl) has been a great car! After 357K miles, transmission is starting to slip, but only after about 1 hour driving at highway speeds. It returns to normal operation after about 10 mins. at city speeds. Has anyone experienced anything similar? What will it cost to replace/repair?

If that’s the original transmission then I can just say wow - 357K is nothing to sneeze at on an auto trans. And it wouldn’t be surprising if it is ready to go.

That being said, did you at least check the fluid? What kind of condition is the fluid in and when was it last serviced?

A rebuild will likely be something in the neighborhood of $3000 give or take $1000

Fluid level is okay. It is changed regularly. Recently changed and the shop did not mentioned any thing about it being unusual. Car has been problem free in 357K miles. Only repairs in have been catalytic converter (200K) and brake rotors (300K). Mainly highway driving helps. Thanks for the feedback

Sincere congratulations on having maintained the car properly and on having driven a huge number of reliable miles. Unfortunately, it’s time for a visit to a good, independently owned and operated tranny shop for an evaluation. The good news is that they made a gazillion of that engine and trnny combination and if the shop says this one is ready for the grave you may be able to find a low mileage boneyard tranny.

This car really gave you great service. With that kind of mileage on it I would take into consideration the engine and whether it will last much longer. Do you want to pay to have the transmission rebuilt and possibly have the engine go not much later?? It sounds like just a basic overhaul with new seals, clutches, steels and gaskets would get your transmission up and running again. Kudos to you on maintaining your vehicle so well. More people like you could very well put me out of business…LOL…


It’s pretty amazing to read a post where someone actually does the right thing and changes the transmission fluid on a regular basis.

Most usually read along the lines of the trans is shifting funny at 150k miles, the fluid has never been changed once, and the owner is wondering if a fluid change at that point in time is going to save the transmission.

I had been getting 30mpg until the last few months when is has dropped to about 28mpg. This sort of coincides with transmission problems. The car is downshifting on inclines more than in the past. The engine is running fine. (Knock on wood everyday!!) I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes another 50K. I do wonder if it is wise to put $2-3K on a tranny for an 8 yr. old car.