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Car rear lights

My rear lights will not turn off when I turn the car off. any ideas on what’s wrong? and estimate of cost to fix?

Is it the tail lights or the brake lights?

A faulty brake light switch may cause the brake lights to remain on. The the brake lights and see if they are operating correctly.

Cost estimates are difficult if we haven’t yet ascertained what’s causing the problem.

I believe its the brake lights because the light on the rear hatch door top also stays on.

OK. The most likely culprit is the brake light switch, which is under the dashboard and contacts the brake pedal lever when you step on the brake. This is not a very expensive part to replace. If you’re willing to crawl under the dashboard and investigate you may even be able to fix this yourself.

Please be aware that you are driving without functional brake lights. If they are on all the time the people following you can’t tell when you step on the brakes, and could slam into the rear of your Jeep.

Since the lights are on constantly they will also cause a drain on your Jeep’s battery.

If the Jeep has cruise control, this won’t work either if the brake light switch is stuck on. In fact, this is one test to be certain that the problem is in the brake light switch. If the cruise control doesn’t work with these lights on, the problem is almost definitely the brake light switch.