2009 Nissan Sunny

hello sir [nissan sunny saloon car]
while driving car speed 60 to 100 on road suddenly speed has been reduced and car got off.even in signal also .after start the car it is moving very slow in 20 speed even i can press pedal it is not moving speed after some time only kilometer needle going to normal stage.
please tell me to solve the problem.
thanks .

Hi babu. Just making sure we understand the question: when you were driving in the 60-100 kph range, the car slowed down suddenly? And when you shut it off and turned it on again, it still went slow even when you pressed the gas pedal?

Did the engine go fast but the car didn’t go forward like it should? Or did the engine not work right?

Tell us what codes are stored in the computer.
I’m sure the check engine light is on.


Regardless of cdaquilla’s great interpretation, I think the best advice on this one would be to get it to a shop. It’s either engine or transmission but even if we could determine the exact cause, I suspect a shop would still need to be involved.

It sounds like it is going into reduced power mode b/c the computer thinks there’s something wrong. The check engine light should be on if that’s the case. If so, have the diagnostic codes read out by your shop or auto parts store and post them here.