Car radio

my son has a 2000daewoo. he had to jump start it(left headlights on). radio worked fine up till then, now no sound no channells just the following read out

COD—.on the face of the radio. yes i know send the whole car back overseas but he is a very poor college student. can anybody help us with a solution to this problem.

thank you

Read the owner’s manual. It sounds like the radio has entered a protection mode that renders it useless until a code is entered. This is to prevent theft. Any time battery voltage is interrupted, as when the battery goes dead or the radio is removed from the car the radio enters this mode.

The code should be in the owner’s manual

If Jay’s advice does not help, then I would suggest that you contact a Chevy dealer.
Since GM bought the assets of Daewoo, and since they simply re-badged several Daewoo models as Chevy models or as models of other overseas GM brands, GM just might have repair manuals available for these orphaned cars.

The code is guaranteed NOT to be in the owner’s manual unless a former owner wrote it there. If it were that readily available how could it prevent radio theft?

If all else fails and a Chevy dealer can’t get the code for you, figure Best Buy has a good selection of new ones. Your son deserves something nice for Christmas. He’s been driving a Daewoo.

Always check the internet. Google works! I just did “2000 Daewoo radio code” without the quotes and got the following answer.

Good luck.