Car radio dead

The other day I was cleaning my car and I got a little tiny bit of water in my sony radio. i think the model is cdx gt11w. the radio worked fine then i turned my car off and turned it back on and the radio didnt work at all, no display, nothing, and when i turned it off it didn’t beep like it usually does. the radio still has my cd in it and is currently completely dissembled on my kitchen table. The only place I found that knew what the heck I was saying (everyone spoke spanish) was extremely pricey and slightly sketchy so I’d like to attempt to fix it myself. Help? Please?

If the water shorted anything, you would have blown a fuse. Find which one, replace it, dry out your radio, and hope it isn’t fried.

What was you goal in “completly disassembling” the CDplayer/radio? You should hve limited your disassembley to just enough to get the CD out.

It doesn’t make sense that a “tiny bit of water” caused this problem.

Did you check and see if all voltages the radio requires to operate were present at the modular plug?

Do you think you can reassemble the radio?

The odds are good that if you had left it alone, it would have worked the next day after it dried out.

It was about a week ago and I’m pretty sure it’s dried.

I need to completely disassemble it in order to get the CD out. And it was like a small jet of water, it wasn’t a lot at all. THe radio is being assembled as we speak, it wasn’t that hard, I was surprised.

Make sure the radio is getting power to it when you put it back it.

I was suprised when you emphasised “completly disassembled” as I have taken many radios apart to remove stuck CD’s (it usually turns out that there are two Cd’s in the slot=operator error) and it is not such a tough job. All you need is to get access to the CD spin mechanism not the radio tuner or amplifier.

I also laugh how “a tiny bit of water” turns into “a small jet”.

And you did not check if the radio had power to it.