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Car problems

so one of my friends has a 92 acura integra… and he was driven it back on a high way when the car started shacking and when he pulled wver the car died he checked the oil and it was empty so he put some in and drove back home… when he got their his engine was smokin really bad… i was thinking about buying it for cheap… but not sure whats wrong with it… it still starts but when you do start it, the car shacks?? but then dies it moves though

He didn’t notice the oil light come on before he pulled over? Don’t buy this car from him unless you have a new engine to put in it.

Yup! That engine is toast.

Running an engine to the point where it has no oil destroys the bearings of the engine, and leads to other types of very expensive damage. Since your friend must have not checked the oil for a VERY long time, it is also likely that maintenance on this car has been poor even before this incident. In other words, he probably trashed the car over a long period of time, and then he drove the final nails into its coffin by running it without oil.

If you can get the car for a REALLY low price (maybe $200.00), and if you are willing to invest the money (perhaps a couple of thousand $$) to install a new engine, plus possibly repair some other big-ticket items, then you might want to consider it.

If you don’t want to invest big bucks in this car, I suggest that you pass up the opportunity.

If the body,paint,interior,tires,sound system,brakes,shocks were perfect I would take it as a gift,with clean title. Otherwise he can keep his money pit. The engine is a gonner.

I wouldn’t be too optimistic about the condition of the transmission either, considering the way that this car was apparently “maintained”.

Check scrap metal prices in your area. You might be able to buy it for $100 and scrap it for two or three hundred dollars.