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Car Problems(electrical/cylinder)

Hi, I have 2 questions about my car:

1. There is some problem with the battery/alternator. All the sudden the battery meter will go down and I do not know what causes this. Two days ago the car died and I have had occasional problems starting it. The battery has been replaced recently and I have been told the alternator is good. What could be causing the car to lose power all the sudden?

2.After my car was towed because the battery problem the mechanic informed me that a cylinder is broken. The car is old(94 Pontiac Bonneville) and it is probably not worth fixing but how long can a car run on 5/6 cylinders.



On the battery, check that the battery terminals are tight. A loose one will cause the problems you’re experiencing.

On the cylinder being “broken”; you would know if a cylinder was down; the car would miss, run rough and would not have the power it should. If this isn’t the case with your car, you probably don’t have a “broken” cylinder. But if you do have the described characteristics, it will likely run a long time that way. Get it checked out, running on five out if six cylinders wastes gas and it could be something quite easy and inexpensive to repair.

Besides loose or bad battery connections the electrical problem could also be in the main power buss somewhere.