Losing electrical power

Hello: so i have an issue with my car, it is a 2004 isuzu rodeo 4wd 3.6l.

So first thing first ill tell you everything that has happened to this point.
a month ago i noticed i couldn’t use my car charger any longer, i changed out my plugs and no help.
a few weeks later my radio starts cutting out, i turn it off and then it is dead no clock nothing.
a couple days after that my car lost electrical power when i accelerated onto the highway.( no RPMS no MPH, and when i push the gas nothing)
I received a jump and got back to my house safe. I removed the battery and had it charged and placed it back into my car and it started and i went to autozone. They tested my alternator and said it seemed to be bad, it was butting out low voltage. So i replaced the alternator and it ran fine for three days. On the fourth day leaving work as soon as i go onto the highway i got up to speed and all the lights come on and my gages loose power, my odometer goes out and my radio quiets but i can still push on the gas and go.I pulled over and then it died. So I got a jump and as soon as i disconnect the cables it stops running. Jump it again for a longer time and get to another store and bought a new battery. Car runs fine for one day and tonight coming home i notice the ABS light on. then i lost my headlights. i turned on my hazards nothing i flash my hi beams the car would jerk. the Odometer goes out car looses power and stops running. When i tried to restart it just clicks. as the car sits it gets power and all the lights come back on, hazards work, i check the battery with my meter and it says it is good. As i sit with the hazards on they become dimmer and dimmer, till they wont work. I turn them off (and the car with no key in the ignition) and a few min later they work again. While they are on i notice my interior light is also flashing with the hazard lights and when i turn it off they (hazards)got brighter. I got a jump again and a few miles down the road i die again. I lost all power again and no hazards and I hear a very strange sound like electricity zapping almost. i click the button for the hazards and the noise goes away. I push it back on and the noise comes back but no lights. most of the time when it dies and i try to restart there just no sound at all it just dead no clicking no anything no dinging no light but after say 10 min of just sitting there the car will start to make a VERY FAST clicking sound (key or no key in the ignition it will do this)from around the steering column but then it will just go away.( it didn’t make the fast click this time it made the weird electricity sound)

There is a very very small amount of corrosion on the positive terminal,
the connections are very tight to the battery and the serpentine belt is very tight as well.
New Battery, New alternator

I was thinking of looking into my starter, starter solenoid , ignition switch or battery terminals… ill will check the cable going into the alternator tomorrow but i am a bit confused and could use some help.


The trouble you are having has nothing to do with the starter circuit. Even though you replaced the alternator and the battery is good there can still be a problem with the wiring in the car that is keeping the battery from being charged. First, the alternator output voltage should be checked to see if it is okay. If that is okay then the voltage between the output lead and the battery should be checked to see if that is okay. There should be less than .3 volt difference between those points while the engine is running with a good load on the system if that is in good shape.

Any good repair shop should be able to pin down the problem you are having with the charging system. The other issues you talk about seem to be due to low charge on the battery and will go away when the charging problem is fixed.