97 Sable dies at stoplights

I am a rural mail carrier. It dies after I put mail in the box. Things done to it include, new plugs and wires, new fuel pump, new maf sensor, new o2 sensor, catalytic convertor checked out OK, new gas cap. Today it started giving me problems right after filling with fuel. Replaced neutral switch. Smell sulfur sometimes. Seems like it is running rich. Any help appreciated.

No Check Engine light on?


light on. don’t know the code.

That’s where to start.

I forgot to ask my mechanic what it is coding out. He says that the code is not the problem.

Does this mechanic even think what the problem is . And the frozen Air conditioner in your other thread could cause the engine to stall

Two different vehicles. It was a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG day

You need a better mechanic. The code tells the mechanic where to start looking.

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1997 Mercury Sable dies at stoplights :thinking:

I don’t see the idle air control valve listed . . .

That would have been one of my first suspects :neutral_face:


Thanks, I think that is what my mechanic is replacing. Will see if that solves the problem