Car Problem

I had this vehicle for nearly two years, it stalls every once in a while when in the highway, city traffic or at stop lights, but it starts every time with no problem. I had several mechanics looked at it, but they can figure out what the problem is. Some say, the problem is typical for these model cars. My friend also has the same model and also the same problem, nobody has been able to fix it for him either. 1997 Daewoo Prince(not Lanos), 4 cylinder, Automatic transmission. I’m stationed in South Korea, Daewoo Prince is very popular in this country. Thank you. Dimas

what warning signs do you have before it stalls? does it over heat or does it does it do it when you suddenly slow down?

oh it also might be the battery. i would change it asap.

It gives me no warning whatsoever, sometimes even while driving on the highway. But mainly when I come to a stop. Another thing it does, when I?m stopped with the engine running, the transmission in neutral, the engine RPMs? go up and down as if I was pressing the accelerator in and out. The battery is good.

Classic symptom of a vacuum leak or bad IAC (Idle Air Controller). Maybe this will have something to do with it. Have your mechanic look at it, and tell him about the idleing.

I will do that, and thahank you very much for your help. I will let you know what happened after I take it to my mechanic.